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Client: Panalpina World Transport (S) Pte Ltd

Location: Pioneer View

A contender of the prestigious Green Mark Platinum and LEED Gold award, this avant-garde complex of offices and ramp-up multi-level warehouse is strategically located at Pioneer View, sitting on 15,000 sq metres of land with a total gross floor area of 30,000 sq metres, of which close to 27,000 sq metres are reserved for a fully air-conditioned multi-level warehouse. 

Another unique feature of this warehouse structure is the inclusion of a 7-storey Helix ramp, designed to provide separate ramp accesses to the six warehouse levels, as well as the lorry parking area at the seventh storey.

This complex is owned by Panalpina World Transport (S) Pte Ltd, a leading global service providers for end-to-end supply chain logistics and solutions.

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