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Lifting Innovation through PIP

Despite being a small and medium enterprise (SME), SH Design & Build Pte Ltd has big plans to raise its productivity. Build Smart uncovers the details.

Lifting Innovation

Currently registered as a A1 grade contractor in BCA's Contractors' Registry, SH Design & Build Pte Ltd was one of the first recipients of BCA's Productivity Improvement Project (PIP) grant. The company's innovation journey began at the terraced factory at Tuas South Avenue. As the main contractor, it had planned to fast-track the construction by using precast concrete wall panels instead of brickwall.

However, it was difficult to install the panels using the conventional scaffolding process as some panels had to be installed at a height of 16m above the floor level. To overcome this challenge, SH Design & Build developed a completely new installation process using a forklift with a customized attachment.

Re-engineered Installation Method of Precast Concrete Wall Panel System

  • Less labour intensive installation method

  • Less effort on installation at height

  • Safer method than conventional installation process

  • Easy and inexpensive implementation

  • Simple training and can be easily learned by workers

Mech-T Steel Table Formwork

Creation of own Table Framework to Eliminate Complexity of Installation and Assembly

  • Less labour intensive installation method

  • Achieve high productivity for mass structures

  • Simple training and can be easily learned by workers

Supporting our innovative efforts is our own steel and structural factory run by professionals in the construction business and ever ready to work our new and out of the box designs and structures to enhance and facilitate our construction processes.  This factory also serves as a test bed for our engineers to put their ideas into reality for testing and further innovation/improvement.

Lifting Innovation
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