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Jurong Port

Client: Jurong Port Pte Ltd

Location: Jurong Port

JPRMC is one of the key developments of Jurong Port Pte Ltd (JP), which is a key logistics and manufacturing node for the construction sector in Singapore. Believed to be the world's first-of-its-kind common user facility, the RMC ecosystem will expect approximately six million tonnes of sand and gravel (termed aggregates) to be discharged from vessels at JP's berths per annum. Aggregates which are currently discharged in western Singapore will be gradually transferred to JPRMC once the building is completed. The development of JPRMC will increase the efficiency of supply chains for construction materials in Singapore. JPRMC is designed with enhanced green technologies such as sludge recycling system. Phase 1 of this development has a total gross floor area of over 400,000 sq ft. The completion of JPRMC will marks a key milestone for Jurong Port to develop as a multipurpose port, supporting Singapore’s roles as a global hub port and international maritime centre. 

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